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North Springs High School decided to upgrade their stadium sound system. Commercial Audio Systems had the solution….Community R2’s and R.5’s! The head coach Steve Horton and Jody Reichel had a vision to upgrade the sound and breathe new life into their stadium and team.

Cole Harrison, from CAS worked with Steve and Jody and designed a system that would fit the budget and fill the stadium with energy. Cole called me to provide the rigging and supervision to get it done because the poles were not easy to access and it needed to be finished before homecoming on the 25th.

Home of the Spartans

Home of the Spartans

My Rigger was Scott and he was very knowledgeable and fearless. As he climbed the poles the Coach just watched in amazement at his confidence as Scott got in position to lower the old horns and installs the new R2’s.

100' up Community R2

100′ up Community R2

Great Job everyone!