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IMG_5716I was blessed to be a part of another church upgrading their sound systems. Carriage Lane had 2 clusters hung in a traditional manner These speakers lacked the smooth coverage and were aesthetically blocking the projection systems were inadvertently the visual center piece of the stage instead of the cross.


We installed 4 Tectonic PL-11speakers and 2 Tectonic LS-212 subwoofers to turn the seating area into a fully covered, evenly toned house of worship where the message is now delivered clearly and with great fidelity.

IMG_4995                  IMG_5717

These speakers have 180 degree coverage forward and also provide 180 degree coverage behind the speaker at about 3-6 dB down so the musicians on stage could finally hear what they really sounded like. This eliminated the need for floor wedges and added the house mix directly to the stage without any feedback worries. The diffuse nature of these speakers are counter intuitive to any seasoned musician or audiovisual person until you hear what we’ve all been missing.

This technology works in an amazing way. I would encourage anyone to visit to schedule a demo.